Why Switch to Mickey Monthly?

Our Story

Mickey Monthly was the original Disney Subscription Box. In May of 2015, my wife and I decided to follow our passion for Disney and start a business. There were no other Disney Subscription Boxes at the time. We had to figure everything out as we went. Our current competitors have since been able to copy our model and shortcut the hard work we've put in over the last two years.

In 2015 we were still living in Iowa. As you imagine, it took a lot of hard work and commitment to get Mickey Monthly off the ground not living close to Disney. Because Mickey Monthly only sent Theme Park Edition boxes at the time, we had to travel from Iowa to Disney World, every month. Three months we did this.

One month we shipped the items back home and then packaged and shipped when we got back. Another month we packaged and shipped right from our hotel room. It was a wild time!

Now two years later, we have 1,000's of members and offer Pin packages, Theme Park Edition boxes, budget friendly Original Boxes, and Snack only boxes. Mickey Monthly has the widest variety of options available.

Not only do we have tons of options, but we let you customize your package to ensure that you get items PERFECTLY fit for your family.

We have the perfect mix of new popular items, and items with a huge value bonus. Magic At Your Door only sends you ONE Disney Parks item per box. Don't believe us? Their website states "...including an exclusive Disney Parks item...". You get one Disney parks item. That's right, only one. Our Theme Park Edition Boxes contain ALL Disney Parks items.

Don't be fooled by hazy and misleading verbiage from our competition. Only Mickey Monthly is the Original Disney Subscription Box. We tell you exactly what you will receive, and deliver exactly that. No over promise and under deliver from us. We work hard. We play hard. We bring a dose of Disney to our members that is something special. Something you can't get from anyone else.

We would love to have you try out our service. Take advantage of our 50% deal, and see why hundreds of members have moved from Magic At Your Door to Mickey Monthly.

To get started, follow the 4 steps below and move to the best rated Disney Subscription Box, Mickey Monthly.

How it works

  • 1. Cancel your Magic At Your Door Membership
  • 2. Forward us the cancellation confirmation email ([email protected])
  • 3. Receive a reply with your customized promo code for 50% off
  • 4. Sign up for your choice of Mickey Monthly membership

That's It! Join our 1,000's of members and take part in the Original Disney Subscription Box.

Join the Mickey Monthly Family

Join Mickey Monthly

Absolutely! If you're wanting to join the Mickey Monthly family, we can extend a 35% off coupon. You will save 35% off of your first month on any Mickey Monthly subscription. Click here to apply the code and select your package.

The cancelation date must be the same day as you contact Mickey Monthly. Once we receive the email, we will reply with a customized promo code just for you. 50% off of first month only. Valie on monthly subscriptions only.