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2018 Christmas Disney Park Mystery SNACK Box


Product Description

Direct from the Magic Kingdom Main Street Confectionery, is a snack box both delicious, and jolly. Each fresh snack is authentic from Walt Disney World. Our super fast shipping means you'll get to get to enjoy your Santa fast.

Here are the items you will have a chance to receive:

Gingerbread Popcorn
Gingerbread Cookie Kit
Marshmallows with Peppermint & Chocolate Coating
Mello Cremes (Candy Corn Style)
Hot Chocolate 3 Pack
Holiday Flavored Chocolate Bar 5 Pack
Peppermint Bark Tin
All orders are guaranteed to contain at least one fresh treat such as a Christmas themed rice crispy or cake-pop.

Orders after 12/16/18 will be cancelled.

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